Company structure KEFL

Take a look on how KEFL as a company structured


Board Chairman

Antoine has extensive experience in teacher development and educational leadership where he served as Director of Teacher Development and Training unit at Rwanda Education Board (REB) for more than 5 years and he have experience to work with Development partners in different area. He has played key roles in important activities in Rwanda’s education system such as the development and implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC).

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Curriculum and instructional quality manager

Mr Emile Mukiza, has a proven track record as an Education Advisor, combines academic expertise with practical experience to drive positive transformations in education. He has a Masters in Education Administration, 12 years experience in education sector, he has an excellent experience in curriculum development, development of teaching and learning materials, teacher training, adult education, Early childhood development. He has actively participated in Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) development in Rwanda through Rwanda Education Board, elaboration, evaluation and procurement of teaching and learning materials for all levels of basic education. He has participated in elaboration of training documents on pedagogy and assessment used in teacher training.

He had an opportunity to be in the the region- focused training program in improvement of teaching methodology in primary science and mathematics for sub Saharan Africa, held at OKAYAMA - JAPAN, and also in the training programme (for young leaders) Education (sciences and mathematics at the primary/secondary level 3) course in Yamagata, Japan.

As an author of physics textbooks; he had an opportunity to work as Physics Curriculum developer in National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) As a supervisor and instructional or program specialist, he had the role of decision-maker, consultant, and specialist in advising Head teachers, teachers, and other professional personnel. His responsibilities included curriculum development, instruction, and teachers’ development through working together and retraining them in an in-service program. As a curriculum specialist, He also served as a member of a management team, his roles were to plan for and supervise curriculum development and implementation, and the provision of centralized instructional services; supervise and direct the work of subject teachers, specialists, and resource teachers.

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Director of Research, Development and partnership

An educationist & economist practitioner able to influence sustainable change across the full spectrum of education provision through designing and leading the implementation of education projects at large scale. 10+ years of experience in senior leadership across a wide range of national and international organizations within Rwanda and Africa.

Worked with a range of development organizations including UKAid funded BLF, VVOB – Flemish Aid Organization, UNICEF, VSO, JICA, Save the Children, Plan International as well as MINEDUC and REB. Particular expertise in school leadership, teacher development, special educational needs, gender in education and safeguarding. Recent school leadership and inclusive education experience in Rwanda.

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Managing Director

Currently, he is serving as the Managing Director at Keza Education Future Lab. Before this role, he worked as a part-time Tutorial Assistant in the MSPE department at the University of Rwanda ‐ College of Education (UR‐CE), where he assisted in teaching the Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics module. He also had over four years of experience teaching chemistry in secondary schools.

In 2019, he pursued postgraduate studies at the Africa Centre of Excellence for Innovative Teaching and Learning in Mathematics and Science (ACEITLMS) through the University of Rwanda College of Education. He successfully completed his Master’s degree in 2022 and has published at least four articles in reputable journals across the country. With a vast background in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology for three years in high school, He obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Rwanda in 2018. He has conducted various training sessions throughout his career, including Training TTC trainers, teachers, and young children on Learning through Play with Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printing, and Micro-science kits.

Pertinent to him Organizing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions on STEM subjects, he has provided mentoring and coaching through Project Based Learning (PBL), and advocated for integrating ICT in education. Additionally, he possesses skills in monitoring and evaluation, curriculum design and implementation, coordination, planning, and educational management. Further, he has expertise in data collection using various tools and data analysis using software tools such as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

As an added strength, Mr. NGENDABANGA effectively manages teams and fosters a collaborative work environment. He firmly believes that a motivated and engaged workforce is the cornerstone of success for any organization.

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Technology & digital play-based teaching and learning Senior Advisor

Erneste NIYIGENA an Electronics Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in design, development, maintenance, and troubleshooting electrical and electronic systems. Seeking to continue to leverage my experience in the technology world that has an immediate impact on the community while bringing solutions to the community’s problems. Erneste Niyigena has worked in Pivot access from 2016 up 2019 as hardware developer of mobile devices. At this time He was responsible for the design and development of schematics and printed circuit boards of mobile Point Of Sale machines.

From the end of 2019 up now he is part time electrical field engineer in zipline international responsible for routine and non routine maintenance, troubleshooting and system upgrade of two Zipline distribution centers located in Rwanda. In Keza future education lab Erneste is system engineer of our makerspace. from his broad experience he works with students is design and development life cycle of new electrical/electronic products. Erneste‘s skills include Altium Design Circuit and PCB design tool, Eagle Circuit, C & C++

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Team behind KEFL

Below are to mention few of KEFL team and their positions


Software Engineer

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Finance & Administration

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UMULISA Clarisse

Robotics & Programming Senior Trainer

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Mechanical Engineer

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Finance Officer

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Robotics & Programming Trainer

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Embeded Systems Engineer

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DEI François Audace

Electromechanical Engineer

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