Coding and programming

KEFL offers comprehensive training programs for both teachers and students in the use of Scratch, Turtle Art, and Etoys as programming languages. Below are short description of each

Scratch programming example of two people having conversion

Scracth programming

Scratch is a beginner-friendly programming language that allows students to create interactive stories, animations, and games by snapping together visual code blocks. KEFL's Scratch training equips teachers with the skills to teach coding concepts effectively and engage students in creative coding projects. For students, Scratch fosters creativity, problem-solving, and logical thinking while making coding accessible and enjoyable.

Turtle art

Turtle Art is a unique programming language that uses a graphical interface where students command a "turtle" to create art and designs through simple commands. KEFL's Turtle Art training empowers teachers to guide students in exploring math and geometry concepts through artistic expression. Students can use Turtle Art to visualize abstract ideas and develop algorithmic thinking.

Turtle Art programming example of building a house
Etoys programming example of making a car move in the road


Etoys is an educational programming environment that enables students to create interactive simulations, games, and multimedia projects. KEFL's Etoys training equips teachers with the tools to incorporate multimedia and interactive content into their curriculum. Etoys encourages students to experiment, collaborate, and learn through hands-on digital creation.

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