Keza Forklift

The Keza forklift kit, developed by KEFL, serves as an innovative tool to captivate children's interest in robotics and programming, while also enhancing their understanding of fundamental concepts like simple machines that they learn in primary school. Geared towards students around the primary six level.

The kit's primary aim is to make the lessons about simple machines, such as lifts, more engaging and interactive. By combining hands-on building with programming, the Keza forklift kit bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. What sets this kit apart is its utilization of an enhanced kid-friendly programming language, Pictoblox, which goes beyond traditional scratch programming. By introducing robotics in this context, students can grasp complex ideas like pulleys, levers, and mechanisms more effectively as they apply their learning to the real-world scenarios that the kit provides.

In doing so, the Keza forklift kit not only introduces young learners to robotics and coding but also deepens their

  • Comprehension of basic machines
  • Making the transition from theoretical classroom concepts to tangible, and
  • Hands-on experiences both seamless and exciting